HomeWorks: Bronzeville

HomeWorks: Bronzeville is a development initiative based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founded and directed by Vedale Hill of Jazale’s Art Studio, Mikal Floyd-Pruitt of I Am Milwaukee and Sara Daleiden of MKE<->LAX. Titled by its namesake, the Bronzeville Cultural and Entertainment District, this initiative emphasizes community development in its physical, economic, and social form by way of authentic arts and culture applications.

To celebrate the legacy, history and re-emergence of Bronzeville in Milwaukee, we focus on local creative entrepreneurial talent by way of property ownership, market development, art production, neighbor engagement, youth leadership, health and well-being.

At the foundation of our communal impact lies the development of an artist housing cluster where each owner-occupied property is a container for a professional artist’s live-work practice, that will incubate entrepreneurial culture, youth development, and sustainable growth for artists and the district.

Inspired by the cultural, social, and economic vibrancy of the past, HomeWorks: Bronzeville is a catalyst for district revitalization, neighborhood stabilization, rehabilitation of vacant properties, enhancement of public green space, entrepreneurial development for youth and adults, and enrichment through arts and cultural programming.